Get Involved

We would love you to be involved with 10x10! 

There are a number of ways you can do this. Come to an event in your city to see how 10x10 events are run,

Or  join a volunteer committee and be part of organizing a successful 10x10 event yourself. Contact us and we can put you in the mix for the net commmittte 

Or if you are interested in starting 10x10 in your city - you will need to have enough people to form a committee  of at least 10. 

The roles are:

  • PROJECT LEAD/ MANAGEMENT (x2 people): Organise committee meetings, take minutes, group and ensure people execute on their actions.
  • PROCUREMENT (1-2 people): Venue search and booking, food and beverage, searching for a pro bono photographer/videographer for the night.
  • SPONSORSHIP (1 person to manage; everyone to source): Source additional sponsorship/funding for the event.
  • FINANCE (x2 people): Manage Event Page on 10x10 website / manage the fundraising / on the night coordination of fundraising and technology.
  • MARKETING (x2 people): Sending invites / arranging press releases / getting PR for 10x10 and the event / managing the social media campaign.
  • CHARITY LIAISON (x2 people): Source charities to support / source a high profile dragon / work with the charities to make sure they are versed on how the event will run.  

If you think you would like to start a 10x10 in your city - contact us 

Or you or your organisation can become a sponsor, either for a one off event or create a long-term partnership with us.

 For more information on how to get involved please contact us at